How to Become a Merchant



Fill-out our Merchant Registration form by filling-in your data. All Vendors registration is subject to approval. For now, we can only accept Merchants located in the city that already listed in our Destinations page here.


Start Selling

Once you've approved to become our Merchant, visit your Dashboard to manage all of your products (either reservation or physical), orders, and customers. You can also see your analytics/reports from your Dashboard.


Process the Orders

You'll get notification through email and Dashboard if there's a new order/reservation. You will then need to process that orders to the customer. All payment will go to us first then we'll distribute it to you (deducted with our commission).


Free. You can register as Merchant for free. But however, we will charge you small amount of commission for every orders made by your customers here. This is needed to keep our platform running smoothly.

A lot. At least, you 

  • don't have to spend money to build your own website/e-commerce;
  • don't have to spend a lot of time to search for online customers, because we'll do the marketing;
  • can focus on what you do best, which is providing local product/services;
  • will get complete dashboard to manage your online store along with thorough report from us;
  • can get suggestion and training from our expert on a subject that you need;
  • and many more.

We will also perfecting our platform and add more features to help you grow because our goals is to help you grow.

Commission might vary for each Merchant depends on certain circumstances. Our acquisition team will contact you after registration to talk about this.
We will process Merchant registration on first come first served basis. Please allow us at least 2 working days to contact you after the registration date.

You will get your money either

  • for physical goods that needs shipping: after customer received the package and have no complain about it; or
  • for reservation/services that needs no shipping: maximum 2 working days after payment from customers completed.


You need to have minimum balance of Rp500,000,00 (five hundred thousand rupiah) before you can request for withdrawal.

Have a questions?

Still not sure if you have to become our Merchant? Or have another questions before you said yes? Please contact us by clicking the button below so that we can address your issue/concern.

Other How to

Make Reservation

Purchase Goods

Make Payment