Frequently Asked Questions

You can login from this page (on "Login" section) or in our Checkout page during purchasing process.

You can register from this page (on "Register" section) or in our Checkout page during purchasing process.

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Pending payment means that we have received your order but not your payment. This status usually shown when you choose to pay your order using ATM/bank transfer payment method.

Processing means that we have received your order and your payment but Merchant needs to process (pack and ship) it.

Completed means that your orders and payment have been completed (for physical product, it means that you have received the goods).

Cancelled means that your orders has been cancelled due to we're not receiving your payment in exact given time or if you click "Cancel" from your Orders list page.

Failed means that your payment is declined or not success, either by your own mistake or due to trouble in our payment gateway partner. Please contact us if you're experiencing an issue during payment process.

Refunded means that your payment for that Order has been refunded, either partial or in full.

We have various payment methods to ensure that you have a lot of options to pay for your order/reservation. Please refer to this page to see all options and guideline.

Minimum payment for each order is Rp10,000 (ten thousand Indonesian rupiah), after discount and taxes (if any).

If after successful payment you're not redirected to our "Thank you" page or you're not aware if it's completed or not, please visit your "Orders" page here to check its status. If it's "Processing" or "Completed" then you're good to go. If it's "On-hold" or "Pending payment" and you're sure that you have completed the payment, please contact us here with your payment receipt/proof. and its Merchant will not entertain any cancellation or refund request due to customer change of mind upon completed payment. But however, we will process cancellation/refund request as stated in our Terms of Service page here.

To request a refund, please visit your "Orders" page here then click "Refund" button provided in each order list and write down detailed reason in the pop-up form. All refund request will be subject to approval from us and/or our Merchant. Please note that you can only request a refund no more than 14 days after the Order Completed.

As for now, we (and our Merchants) can only ship within Indonesia. We can't ship to other countries since it'll require different setup. By default, we'll ship the product to any city in Indonesia as long as our logistics partner ship to that city. Please note that not every Merchant will activate all shipping couriers available in our Platform (we currently support shipping via JNE, Tiki, and Pos Indonesia, more to come).

Shipping time may vary depends on Merchant location, your shipping address, shipping courier and type of shipment that you choose. But however, here are shipping time for each courier and shipment package in general.

  • JNE REGULAR: 2-4 working days.
  • JNE YES: 1-24 hours.
  • TIKI REG: 2-4 working days.
  • TIKI ONS: next day.
  • Pos Kilat Khusus: 2-9 days.
  • Pos Express Next Day: next day.

Please note that above estimated shipping time is usually valid only if the shipment is between a same island/region.

After our Merchant shipped your order, you will receive an email containing your tracking number and tracking URL. You can either use the number to track it using shipping courier own services or use Merchant provided tracking URL or use our tracking page here. Please allow a couple of hours after you receive the tracking number before the data can be shown.

If somehow product(s) that you've purchase is

  • damaged, or
  • wrong item received, or
  • not as advertised by the Merchant, or
  • if you have questions about how to use, or
  • if you have other general questions,

you can request a support by visiting your "Orders" page here then click "Support" button provided in each order list. You'll then need to choose the category, priority, product, and describe the issue as details as possible. The Merchant, or us, will get in touch with you to solve the problem.

You can see all of your support tickets along with its status from this page.

If you have questions about a specific product, you can contact the Merchant by using the inquiry button ("Ask Question") from each single product page (in "Sold by" tab). The Merchant then will answer your question and pin it to the product page, if necessary.

You can see all of your inquiries from this page. You can also see and respond to Merchant replies from there.

Please visit this page before you register as a Merchant.

Free. You can register as Merchant for free. But however, we will charge you small amount of commission for every orders made by your customers here. This is needed to keep our platform running smoothly.

Commission might vary for each Merchant depends on certain circumstances. Our acquisition team will contact you after registration to talk about this.
We will process Merchant registration on first come first served basis. Please allow us at least 2 working days to contact you after the registration date.

We have provide a Knowledgebase for Merchant containing a lot of guideline on how to use our Platform. You can access it here (You'll need to login as Merchant first before you can see its content).