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About MainKeDesa.com

MainKeDesa.com is a marketplace for tourism villages throughout Indonesia. Here, users can purchase tickets or tour packages to enter and experience tourism village, tickets to attend events or cultural arts performances held by those tourism villages, as well as buy specialty products, souvenirs, or commodities made by various tourism villages in Indonesia.

In addition, users can experience to live like a local by staying at a local homestay. Furthermore, to facilitate users when visiting the tourism village, MainKeDesa.com also provides flight ticket search to the nearest city from the tourism village location that users want to go.

MainKeDesa.com was born from the dream and belief that Indonesia's growth came from the village. To make this come true, we need a movement that can encourage growth and development of underdeveloped villages in Indonesia. One of the ways is through tourism.

Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur


MainKeDesa.com acts as a sustainability enabler for the partner villages in the website. MainKeDesa.com drives empowerment and helps develop the natural and human resources potential of the village. We help them to grow by providing consultation, accompaniment, and training.

Through this platform and movement, we want the villagers to feel the economic value from these activities, so that eventually, the villagers themselves that will move and advance their villages.

Authentic Experience

On the other hand, in addition to making it easier for users to find alternative inspiration for travel destinations and activities, MainKeDesa.com also offers users an authentic experience when travelling. By visiting villages in Indonesia, users can get a deeper understanding about the people and culture of Indonesia, and experience Indonesia's charm through its villages.

We hope that in the future, tourism villages are no longer an alternative destination when people travel, but it becomes the main destination. Because with our support, these villages can be further developed and help advance Indonesia greater.

Meet the Team

People who make this happens

Kania Kismadi

Kania Kismadi

Founder, Business Development

With more than 7 years of experience in digital content marketing; from data-driven content creation, content strategy and management, social media marketing, social and web analytics, social listening, customer service, to influencer marketing — enhanced with a profound knowledge in Indonesian market and crisis management, I still believe that there's still so much room to grow and so much more to learn.. so here I am now.

Pradikta Dwi Anthony

Pradikta Dwi Anthony

Co-Founder, Product Development

I have worked in various industry and roles, from a factory worker, consultant, researcher, trainer, speaker, marketing manager, to freelancer on social media, content writing, videography, and web development. As a work-learn balanced person, I tend to spend my free time either to work or learn new things. As a Growth Hacker, I love to help small and medium business on their marketing, product, and business development.

P.s.: If people says that I've been trusted and hired by international organization and multinational companies, that's true.

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